Bypass To Teaching

Financial Prosperity

There’re a lot of Believers in the Body of Christ who’re convinced that the Bible teaches that Christians should be poor or at the least we shouldn’t aspire to any measure of financial success. But the truth is there’re NO scriptures in either the Old or the New Testaments that say this.

As a matter of fact what the Bible DOES say in the New Testament in Galatians 3:13 is that Christ has REDEEMED (rescued by the payment of a ransom) us from the curse of the Law. The origin of lack, poverty and insufficiency is the curse so we who believe are REDEEMED from those financial conditions. To teach that poverty is a preferred condition for the Believer is to MISUNDERSTAND the work of redemption on the Cross of Calvary.

The New Testament DOES warn against the love of money and giving money too high a priority in one’s life and depending on money; but it does NOT teach poverty. Rather, it teaches good stewardship of God’s provision and that the purpose of money in the life of a Believer is to use it to participate in the establishment and expansion of the Kingdom of God. Another use is to assist those who are TEMPORARILY poor and to shelter the widows and orphans. The Bible also teaches that we should be CONTENTED with the amount of God’s provision and to use it as we are directed by the Holy Spirit.

The Bible does NOT teach that all Believers are going to be millionaires and to teach that is a distortion of the true Prosperity message of the Gospel. Some will be millionaires and some won’t, depending upon God’s plans and purposes and upon the abilities and experiences of individual Believers. It’s wrong to teach Believers that the lack of wealth in their lives is necessarily the result of weak faith or unrighteousness. The truth is though most Christians are FAR below their financial potential but it’s because they haven’t studied the Word of God and learned how to make its power operate for them in the financial arena.

Read your Bibles and hold on to the Truth you find there instead of embracing incorrect teaching from others. We each have a responsibility to find our own illumination from the Word so we can fulfill our potential in the Kingdom of God.

Accompanying this brief article is a listing of 100 Prosperity Scriptures you can find in your Bibles. And there are hundreds of others but we had to set a limit. When somebody tells you you’re supposed to be poor or that your lack and insufficiency is part of God’s plan for your life, just pull out these scriptures for reassurance because Jesus has already paid for our PROSPERITY. He came to give you abundant LIFE which includes financial abundance. We can’t help ministries and other folks until our own financial needs have been met and this is God’s REAL plan for the New Testament Believer.

Let the Word bless and keep you in Jesus name.


Prosperity Scriptures