Make A Way Ministries is a nationally recognized nonprofit Christian ministry filling a significant need for foundational teaching in the area of family money management.

The focus is on empowering families to overcome financial problems so they can receive and enjoy God’s prosperity.

At this website you will find a three-step plan for achieving these objectives. Just follow the steps to financial victory.

Make a Way Ministries has carried an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for many years. Several years ago the ministry chose to not meet newly imposed requirements for membership accreditation on the grounds that they were inconsistent with ministry objectives and with God’s calling for it to the Body of Christ. It should be noted that BBB ratings are published irrespective of accreditation and membership. Also, no consumer has ever lodged a complaint against this ministry with the BBB going back more than twenty years.

The founder and Director of the ministry is Dr. Bill Miller who has been providing bible-based financial teaching since 1987.

There are a number of exceptional publications available on this website. Most of them are free. Make yourself at home here and take advantage of several decade’s worth of financial knowledge and experience.

God wants you to succeed and His Holy Spirit will empower you to achieve things that are beyond your hopes and dreams.

We’re so glad you came for a visit today! We don’t believe it was an accident. May God bless your efforts to become a good financial steward!