How to Start a Small Business and Make it Succeed

For many years we have advocated the idea that Christian families working for others should start their own home-based businesses. And, we believe they should do that even if they don’t yet have a clear vision in mind for what their home-based business should actually do. There are several basic reasons:

  1. Owning a small business that is registered with your state and has obtained a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is all that you need to qualify for tax deductions that will decrease your taxable income and could substantially increase the cash flow from your employer-provided income.
  2. Your small home-based business once formed and registered could eventually grow into something substantial with a long-range income potential that is significantly higher than the income you would derive by working as a salaried employee for others.
  3. By owning and operating your own business, you determine and control the values that undergird your career and make it possible to direct its production to benefit the Kingdom of God.

On October 29, 2016 this ministry made available to the community of Granbury, Texas two small business workshops in the local Conference Center. You can watch a video of this workshop FREE of charge by connecting to it through the link below. Get ready to take notes so you can start your own small business in the near future:

CLICK HERE to access the video

CLICK HERE to access the charts used in the workshop

CLICK HERE to access the Workshop handout information

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