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Budgeting to Reduce Monthly Payments

More than 85 percent of Americans “get by” without having a Family Budget. But that attitude will have to change if you’re expecting something better than “getting by” because it’s a biblical principle that you have to write down a financial vision if you expect it to ever produce financial victory.

Accelerated Debt Repayment

ADR is a structured, self-directed program that when carefully followed will repay ALL your indebtedness including your mortgage in the shortest possible time. On average most families can be totally out of debt in seven years or less.

Debt Management Programs

A DMP is a creditor-sponsored five year unsecured debt repayment plan designed for consumers who have started having trouble making their monthly payments on time but BEFORE their accounts have gone into COLLECTION. At the end of the DMP all your unsecured debts will be paid off.

Debt Settlement Programs

A DSP is for debts more than 120 days past due already in COLLECTION OR CHARGED OFF. The attraction is that most Creditors are open to the settlement of such debts for less than their outstanding balances. You can get out of debt this way but you will need to rebuild your credit rating after the dust settles.

Using Bankruptcy for Debt Repayment

Someday despite the best of intentions we may find ourselves with such difficult credit problems we need protection from our creditors. That’s when even a Christian believer may have to resort to modern Jubilee to protect his/her family which is a higher priority than the principle of repaying one’s debts.

Controlling Your Credit Rating

Repairing Credit Reports is the process of auditing and revalidating the information published by the various credit bureaus about consumer credit histories. Studies show that more than 70% of all credit reports contain errors and very often those errors can damage your credit rating.

Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention

Informed Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention makes it possible for families retain their homes! In the fact of temporary financial problems. Ownership of a comfortable home full of peace and joy is truly the American dream and it is the largest investment most families will ever make…

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