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Three years ago I was in danger of losing my home but God provided a miracle through you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts…
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During the recession my husband and I almost lost our home. But your ministry helped us save our home and develop a new financial strategy
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1: Establish a Working Budget

  • Why should you have a budget when most of your friends don’t?
  • Is it possible to develop a really simple budget what will produce financial success?
  • Is it possible to benefit from a budget if you have variable income?
  • Does it take a lot of time to manage family finances from a budget?

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2: Start Repayment of all Debts

  • Which debts should you pay first?
  • What are your best repayment options?
  • How do you repay your debts in the shortest possible time?
  • Is it possible to be out of debt in only 7 years including your mortgage?


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3: Take Control of Your Credit Rating

  • Did you know your reputation is largely a function of your credit rating?
  • Did you know that you can manage and control your credit rating?
  • Are you among the millions who have never seen their own credit report?
  • Do you know how to obtain your credit reports and protect your reputation?

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Debt Repayment Plans that Actually Succeed

• Reduce payments 50% or more
• Creditors stop calling
• Debt freedom in a few years

We know exactly what to do…

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• Tens of thousands already set free

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