What Other People Say About Us

The following comments summarize just a few of the thousands of ACTUAL written testimonials received by Make A Way Ministries from happy, rejuvenated clients:

Three years ago I was in danger of losing my home but God provided a miracle through you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
DBH in Maryland

During the recession my husband and I almost lost our home. But your ministry helped us save our home and develop a new financial strategy.
DN in Virginia

I praise God He led me to you to get the financial area of my life restructured. Let this express my sincere appreciation for your help.
Pastor IG in Florida

I cried in happiness when I learned that my mortgage problem had been solved by applying what I learned from your ministry.
ML in Florida

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to hear you teaching about biblical finances. Thank you for visiting our church.
LH in California

My mother and I were faced with a dire financial problem that arose unexpectedly. We felt we had nowhere to turn. Through your advice the best possible outcome arose from our situation, an outcome we never dreamed could actually happen, nor one that would have happened without your help. We recommend your services to anyone seeking financial help.
BH in Texas

Your ministry is a lighthouse to the world and your advice was real, full of wisdom and much needed. Thanks for helping me.
PM – Miami

I knew God was giving you the strength and the capacity to solve this financial problem for me. I have learned from your faith in God.
ML – Miami

I wanted to thank Make A Way Ministries for counseling me about getting my finances organized so that soon I can fulfill the call on my life to be a missionary doctor. I am excited because for the first time I have direction in my life. By getting my finances straightened out I am seeing God’s promises actually coming into my life and I believe that what you have done for me is a first step toward the financial freedom I will need to be able to go into full time ministry.
HC – Miami

Thank you for your kindness and the professional help you expressed to me and my family. You are truly His light in the world. Please accept my homemade key lime pie as a small token of my gratitude.
MER – Miami

I just wanted to say again that the newsletters are very helpful.
AC – Miami

God through you has planted again another seed of hope to motivate us to keep on trusting the Father for His very best today and every day. The Father has a great blessing for you as you continue making a difference. God works through people like you to change the circumstances of people like us. Thank you for all you do in service to the Lord.
A&EG – Miami

Thank you for the Wednesday night Bible studies on line. They meant a lot to me.
FD – Miami

When the electric company turned off our electricity for 5 days, our family studied your bible studies together by candlelight. It was such a wonderful experience we almost didn’t want the electricity to come back on.
TS – Miami