Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention

Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention

Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention helps families retain their homes! Ownership of a comfortable home full of peace and joy is truly the American dream and it is the largest investment most families will ever make.

But sometimes circumstances conspire to produce a financial crisis despite the best of plans. An unexpected medical problem develops; a job is down sized or outsourced. And suddenly a family is unable to make its mortgage payments. After the second or third missed payment, the lender starts a foreclosure process to acquire possession of the home because it is the collateral for the mortgage. And once the foreclosure process starts, it is almost impossible to stop unless the family can arrange for substitute financing. Unfortunately, substitute financing is hard to come by because it is difficult for a family under the threat of foreclosure to qualify.

Cornerstone Financial Counselors has been a non-profit Christian Ministry since 1987 and believes every American family should own a home free and clear. One of the services we offer is to assist families that have gotten into trouble with their mortgage payments and there are several different approaches.

If you are having a foreclosure problem we urge you before it’s too late to apply for assistance by providing the information requested below. Our assessment is FREE.

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