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Learn About Cornerstone Financial Counselors

Welcome to the website of Cornerstone Financial Counselors. We are a non-profit Christian ministry filling an increasing public need for foundational counseling in the area of family money management. Cornerstone offers an array of different services grounded in biblical principle and directed at helping families overcome the bondage of indebtedness.

Our fundamental objectives are to guide people to a debt free lifestyle and to help them stay there once it has been achieved. The easy credit of our times is an economic cancer that constantly eats away at the foundation and stability of the American family. In fact, financial stress is one of the principal causes of family disintegration in the United States today. Accordingly, credit is something to be avoided, not pursued nor fostered and never coveted.

Cornerstone Financial Counselors is part of the outreach ministry of Make A Way Ministries with corporate offices in Miami, Florida. The founder and Director of the ministry is Dr. Bill Miller who has been providing bible-based financial counseling since 1987. Cornerstone is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau and the Dunn and Bradstreet Credibility Corporation and we invite you to contact them for further information about this ministry We are also a registered company with Angie’s List and invite you to let them know what kind of service you received when you contacted us.

The focus of this website is creditor-sponsored debt repayment programs which represent 3 of the major services offered by the Ministry: Debt Consolidation. Short Term Repayment and Debt Settlement. Most of the other services provided by Cornerstone are featured in summary form on this web site. For more information click into the Additional Services section. You are also welcome to contact us directly for assistance.

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We’re so glad you came for a visit today! We don’t believe it was an accident and if you would like to know about how GOD can more directly help you with your debt problems, please feel free to access the FREE special article entitled God’s Way To Debt Freedom by clicking below: Be sure to read it all the way to the end to get the maximum benefit for your family.

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May God bless you and your family as you look to Him for debt freedom!