Employee to Employer In 90 Days


Paperback by Dr. Bill Miller Author
August 8, 2016

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EVERY FAMILY IN AMERICA SHOULD OWN A HOME-BASED BUSINESS! The reason is that in the IRS Code there are more than one hundred LEGAL business deductions that families could be taking advantage of through their small business in order to lower their tax obligation. Why would anyone pay more income tax than they have to? But that’s exactly what’s happening when families haven’t taken advantage of everything that the system makes available to them.

The United States is set up to encourage the formation of small business because the government knows that small business is what makes the country work. You can set one up easily AFTER you have acquired some basic information that you will need in order to be a success. THIRTY DAYS FROM NOW THE READER CAN OWN A FULLY AND LEGALLY ESTABLISHED HOME-BASED BUSINESS THAT WILL BE PROVIDING ADDITIONAL CASH FLOW IN THE FORM OF REDUCED WITHHOLDING TAX.

Your next steps will be to learn about business finances and when you’re ready begin to sell products and services and operate a full-fledged small business out of your home. Keep growing and learning and one day you could have a highly successful business with two or more hundred people working for you. THIS IS THE DEFINITIVE BOOK FOR STARTING YOUR OWN HOME-BASED BUSINESS. It’s worth one hundred times the cost and it could change your life.