Budget Yourself to Financial Victory: Maintain a Family Vision


Paperback by Dr. Bill Miller Author
January 12, 2018

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Sadly, more than 80 percent of American families have never prepared a Family Budget. And yet, living by a short-term financial plan is the singular requirement for achieving personal financial victory. In other words, unless there’s an atypical income windfall, family budgeting is ESSENTIAL for success in life. Period! Could that explain why so many people need food stamps these days to make ends meet?

This book is one of the most complete publications ever written on the subject of family budgeting. And, one of the main things it shows is that short-term financial plans don’t have to be complicated. A one-page Family Budget is all you need to eventually become an outstanding financial success. If you’ll read and understand this book and implement what you learn, the probability of your financial success while you’re still young enough to enjoy it will increase exponentially. Not only does this book explain in detail how to prepare and live by a budget, it is chocked full of ideas for cost reductions. And particularly unique to this book are discussions of all the debt repayment techniques that produce debt freedom in the shortest possible time for those families that find themselves in some kind of difficulty with their creditors.

The publisher of this book is a division of Make A Way Ministries which has been counseling families with financial problems since 1987. Tens of thousands of families have been assisted over the ensuing years and all of that experience has been poured into this special book.