An Inauspicious Hero: The Story of Sumner Bacon


Paperback by Dr. Bill Miller Author
August 8, 2016

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This is the story of a special man that God brought to Texas to help carry out a special destiny. Sumner Bacon came to Texas to preach the gospel illegally without any sponsorship or credentials or ordination. It was illegal because Rev. Bacon was a Protestant at a time when the Catholic faith was the only one legally allowed to exist in the entire territory. Those early circuit riders were chased by the Mexican Army, by secular Anglos who didn’t want Protestant preachers coming into Texas, by desperadoes looking for money and horses and by the Catholic Church looking for some way to keep the Protestant Clergy out of the territory. It all wound up in a Revolution in 1835-36 and it might have had another ending had Sumner Bacon and his friend Sam Houston not made their way into the territory. It is an exciting and unexpected story to be told, a testimony that only God could have authored.