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Debt Repayment Plans

Debt Repayment Plans are for families that are already 2 to 3 months behind in their monthly payments of unsecured accounts and Debt Consolidation has proven to be not sufficiently helpful.

In Debt Repayment Plans we arrange with your creditors a substantial reduction in your monthly payments so you can get out of debt much sooner than on your own. But the concessions granted by creditors are temporary in order to give you a break to catch your breath.

Debt Repayment Plans can be arranged by consumers directly if you don’t mind talking to creditors yourself. And you won’t have to pay Cornerstone to do it for you. We can even help you get started!

Cornerstone Financial Counselors is a non-profit bible-based Christian ministry filling an increasing public need for truthful and reliable counseling in the area of family money management.

Cornerstone Financial Counselors has helped tens of thousands of families across America since 1987 and you can trust us to be honest and forthright about your finances.

Make a decision TODAY to start getting control of your finances!

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